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Warranty and Terms of Use

The guarantee is valid from the date of purchase as indicated on the legal proof of purchase and has a duration of 12 months.


The warranty COVERS  any manufacturing fault involving the cylinder head.

Does not cover additional labor or parts for any reason.

The warranty covers only the cylinder head which bears the same serial number as shown on the document.

In case there is a difference between the serial number of the cylinder head and the one written on the document, please contact the company IMMEDIATELY for marking and correction, to avoid loss of warranty.

Note: the application of the cylinder head contributes the most to its good operation and is one of the most important factors for the success of the repair.

In order to activate the warranty, it is a necessary condition that the application  be carried out by a certified workshop and that the required factory settings of the respective car manufacturer are STRICTLY observed.

It becomes necessary to check and repair  the spare parts that could affect the good operation of the new cylinder head, such as beck, camshafts, belts, radiator, collars, etc.

New flanges must be used and tightened to strict specifications   as defined by the manufacturer regarding pounds, degrees, circular tightening direction, relief and retightening time.

The warranty does NOT cover all human error.

The warranty is VOID immediately if the head is planed before installation or other mechanical work modifies it in any way

A) Either during installation, due to   bypassing the factory's technical specifications, not using proper tools such as torque wrench/moriometer or other technical negligence that is not consistent with the factory specifications.

B) Misuse, such as driving without antifreeze, with a cut collar or other insufficient maintenance that has a direct correlation with the good operation of the cylinder head and the entire engine.

Any problems caused by improper use of the head according to the manufacturer, e.g. racing use, tampering or other conversion, will IMMEDIATELY void the cylinder head

It remains out of warranty if spare parts are used which are not compatible with the respective cylinder head.

Returns are possible within 14 days of purchase for any reason, as defined by law, if the packaging is unopened and returned in exactly the same commercial condition as received.

In the event that the package arrives in damaged packaging and there is a suspicion of damage to the spare part, please do not accept it from the carrier and return it immediately for replacement. Once received and opened, responsibility shifts to the consumer.

In the event of product  being returned for any reason, or they must be returned in their original packaging and in the condition they were received, with all accessories that were shipped such as, original packaging clean of grease and not torn, spare parts not used and clean of glues, gaskets, grease, exhaust etc.  if it has been washed for  any reason it should not have signs of oxidation, the included accessories in the packaging should be returned intact and in the same condition as described above.

Refunds are made only if the product cannot be repaired or replaced with the same or another product of the same value.

Otherwise, the return may not be completed or there may be an impairment depending on the status of the return.

In case the cylinder head is installed even without working,   the return may not be completed or there will be a deterioration depending on the condition returned, after inspection.

Shipping costs are borne by the consumer in any case.

The Courts of Thessaloniki are responsible for any dispute.

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